Parole Block Letters

How you can help

Many of you have graciously inquired as to how you can help keep the Manson murderers behind bars.

When one of the killers comes up for parole it's imperative that we show the parole board that you, the public, do not want these people released.

Parole Block Letters are a great way to do that. In a Parole Block Letter you may write to the parole board to express your comments and/or concerns regarding the killer's application for release.
The parole board requires certain information be contained in your letter and they only recognize letters that arrive within a certain time frame. Please see the Sample Letter below
All correspondence must reach its destination at least ten days prior to the scheduled hearing. Please allow time for the post office to deliver from your area.

It is important that we receive a copy of your letter so that we can assure all viable correspondence is considered. If you can, please e-mail a copy of your letter to

Keep an eye on this website, and this page in particular, because we will be updating you when one of the Manson murderers come up for parole so that you may send your letter to the parole board.

Thank you so much for being a part of this important project.

Debra Tate


Sample Letter:


Your letter should follow the format below:

To the Board of Parole Hearings
Re: (Prisoner's Name)
CDC # _________
Parole Hearing: Month date, Year

<Body of your letter. Fill in the reasons you feel that the inmate is not suitable for parole here.>


<your name>

Mail your letter to:

Board of Parole Hearings
Post Office Box 4036
Sacramento, CA 95812-4036